MDA is a superficial exfoliating resurfacing procedure consisting of mechanical abrasion of the skin either with constant flow of pressurized stream of crystals (aluminium oxide) or by diamond tip swept across the skin, so as to cause superficial exfoliation of the skin and achieve optimum results.


1. Mild photoaging, actinic damage, fine lines

2. Comedonal acne (non-inflammatory)

3. Superficial scars (acne, chicken pox, traumatic)

4. Pigmentary condition (Freckles, lentigines, melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation)

5. Enlarged pores

6. Striae

7. Mild rosacea


1. Immediate “feel good” effect on account of disappearance of superficial pigmentation/rough texture of the skin and creation of dermal edema (plumping effect), which is appreciated by the patient as an improvement due to its visual impact.

2. Good improvement in mild cutaneous textural irregularities.

3. Moderate to minimal improvement in superficial rhytides.

4. No clinical improvement in deep acne scars.

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